The Case of the Unghostly Ghost – read it now!

I’ve calmed down a little. Now I’m only checking our Kickstarter page every 45 minutes or so.


Remarkably, I haven’t yet written a thing about Arcana Agency since our Kickstarter bid went live. That’s ’cause I’ve been busy, yeah?

So, brief update: Arcana Agency is live on Kickstarter. Humphrey Brown, Joseph Strelli, Thomas Shanigan. 1930s New York – the age of the Depression. The age of things that go shrieking through the night. A pledge of 40 dollars will get you a copy of the book itself – hardback, full colour, and containing lots of lovely, lovely pictures to go with the story. You can rummage around the green bar on the right of the page to see what pledges of lesser or greater value will get you. So, go pledge if you want to read the book.

More recent news: want a taster of Arcana Agency FOR FREE? C’mon, things for free are always fun. Then read ‘The Case of the Unghostly Ghost,’ a bonus Arcana Agency adventure.

Click on this link to get a free PDF copy of that.

Still more recent news: Stuart Lloyd, gamebook superbrain, has written up a review of The Case of the Unghostly Ghost on his blog Lloyd of Gamebooks. Stuart’s blog is really one of my favourite blogs in the world, so I feel no small sense of achievement getting a review on there. Okay, I did send him a copy of Unghostly Ghost in person, and the subject line of my message was ‘READ THIS!! READ THIS!!’ But that’s by the by.

Stuart Lloyd is actually plugging our Kickstarter bid even though a bid of his own is also online right now. How nice is this guy? Nice enough that you should check out Goblin’s Bounty, an innovative crossover between a gamebook and a collectible card game. Go do that. Go. Go. 

Feeling rather distracted today. I’m just finishing my second cafetiere of strong coffee. Might there be a connection?

Um… so today I worked out how to use my ‘snipping tool’ to capture screenshots.

5 Responses to The Case of the Unghostly Ghost – read it now!

  1. Ikaros says:

    Hi there!
    I support your project! Love the concept of the game and the idea of a hardcover full color book. I specially love ‘The Case of the Unghostly Ghost’. I wish you the best luck for your project!


    • PW Gresty says:

      Thanks, Ikaros. Yeah, I’m really happy with the way Unghostly Ghost turned out.

      Thanks for backing the project, too. Keep an eye on our Kickstarter page to see how we’re doing!

  2. PW Gresty says:

    Then do not resist, Ikaros! We’re into our final 3 weeks for the Kickstarter bid, so pledge away if you feel the need.

    I spotted your recent comments on the Fabled Lands blog, by the way. That’s a fairly encyclopaedic knowledge of RPG systems that you have there.

    • Ikaros says:

      Oh. thank you very much!. I love to read and try new systems. Especially the free ones, because I’m also working with two friends in a game to release for free to the community. I also have some bought games…. but I am more harsh with those, when it comes to review.

      Btw, congratulations for the 40%!. I will definitly rise the pledge to 60 the next monday.


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